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Despite of being in fitness category, Zumba became a fulfillment of my dream for becoming a dancer.

I know that this statement perhaps is not exactly suitable in the world of Zumba®, but when I was a little girl, as long as I can remember I wanted to become a dancer.

Unfortunately, my dream was not supported and eventually, in my artistic desires and passion I turned to visual arts.

Nevertheless, through the years of being an artist and visual arts teacher, my dream to dance never left my soul.

When few years ago I was introduced to Zumba first time, I realized that this is something I can do with passion and without strict dancing techniques which need to be practice intensely for long years.

Zumba® gave me freedom for my own creativity, lots of space and artistic dimension for my own self-expression.

My body which over the years became stiffed, through energetic Zumba® classes became far more flexible and coordinated.

Although, I never will become professional dancer as I wished in my childhood years, through Zumba® I became encouraged to dance and to move my body the way I never thought I could and with lots of fun.

In addition, through my Zumba® instructor who passionately nourishes social Zumba® events I gained very special and dear friends who share with me their life journey.

Beata Goik

I began taking Zumba® classes in May 2008 and it has literally changed my life.

From the moment I stepped into the first class, I knew I was hooked.

The upbeat Latin American music and the positive energy of each and every class, lit a fire inside of me that I didn’t even know existed.

Besides the fact that a Zumba® workout gets your feet tapping, your heart beating and makes your whole body feel alive, the camaraderie of the class is undeniably exhilarating.

I have met and made the most wonderful friends from attending these classes.

Julieta Tabares, is an instructor that motivates you from the time the first beat starts until the last drop of sweat hits the floor.

She has an indomitable spirit, a smile that beams brightly and Julieta exudes an energy that is unparalleled in the field of dance.

It is a workout that tones your body, improves your dance moves and injects excitement into your exercise routine.

It is high energy and you can not help but be affected by the contagiousness of the movements and the joy of the music.

It literally lifts your spirit.

If you have not heard of Zumba® yet, you need to attend one of Julieta’s classes and I guarantee it will not be your only one.

You too will become hooked.

Thanks Julieta for the most amazing fun each class.

You truly are one in a million when it comes to sharing your knowledge and experience of the Zumba world with your students.

Zumba® es un ejercicio increíble que no se puede permitir el lujo de perder.

Regístrese hoy, podría cambiar su vida también.”

Denise A. Beckett

As an artist and busy mother of 2 children I found I wasn't devoting enough time to my own health and the weight was starting to gain on me

I had been looking for a dance oriented exercise class for some time when I saw Julieta's Zumba® ad in the Oakville Beaver and I thought I would give it a try. It has been the best exercise decision I have ever made.

Julieta offers a wonderful energetic and fun class that combines a great workout with an incredible dance beat.

Julieta's warmth and cheerful attitude always make you feel welcome and the class is over before you know it.

Plus you can't beat latin music for helping you get your core muscles trim and in shape.

Angela Lipscombe

Zumba® is the best thing to happen to me!

No matter how tired I am at the end of the day Zumba® just re-energizes me.

The music is fantastic and its almost all I listen to in my car! I feel fabulous and in the best shape ever.

I have more flexibility and I am feeling trim and toned and I'm having so much fun doing it!!

It's the only workout I've ever done that makes me smile while I'm dancing and how could you not smile with an instructor like Julieta!!

She is just plain nice and funny and she is so sincere. She just wants everyone to be fit and have fun like her.

And I might add she looks awesome!!

I've met so many nice people while doing Zumba® and I have encouraged my friends and daughter to join.

If I could I would do Zumba® every day and I plan on doing Zumba® for as long as I can!!! Zumba® es muy fantastick!!

Rita Thompson

I have never enjoyed a workout class more than I enjoy your Zumba® Class.

I have had the opportunity to learn dances from other cultures and experience their enthusiasm for life.

Not only is Zumba® an invigorating workout but also a wonderful social experience and lots of fun. Juileta, you are truly an amazing motivator and instructor who keeps me inspired to exercise.

Zumba® Forever.
Debbie S.

I can't say enough about my Zumba® classes and particularly about the instructor Julieta Tabares! Zumba® has now become a regular part of my exercise routine, it provides me with a cardio aerobic exercise but in a fun and exciting way; dancing to groovy Latin music! All this lead by the wonderful and energetic Julieta.

She has a fantastic and amazing approach about her that keeps a hall full of participants dancing, moving their hips and enjoying every minute of it.

No matter what everyone's dance ability is, Julieta ensures that you are working to your own capacity and most of all having FUN!

When we're "Zumba®-ing" away you can feel the room vibrating with all that positive energy.

Thank you, Julieta for a fantastic and exhilarating workout that feels more like being at a party every time!

Hala N. Haffar

Ich wunsche Dir und deine ganz Familie alles gute und liebe zu diesem Fest und nicht nur jetzt aber auch in der Zukunft.

Deine Einfluss in mein leben macht mich immer wieder dankbar fur solche gute Fruenden wie du und meine neue Zumba® Fruenden.

Bis morn und alles liebe.

Nicole Reist.

Class was great last night you are an amazing instructor!

you have so much energy. I love coming to your classes, I cant wait to go each time. My sister and I come at least three to four times a week and to your Saturday class as well.

I will see you Friday at 8:30.

Thanks so much for the Happiness you bring to my sister and me. Zumba, your smile and energy are contagious.

You make working out a pleasure.


Julieta, you're the BEST!

You make working out so fun because it doesn't feel like work instead, it's all fun dancing!

You always have such a cute, happy, genuine, inspiring, positive, energizing presence when you zumba (and even when you're not 'zumba-ing')!!

It's contagious in a good way. By the way, my dog loves you too because after every zumba class I'm so energized that I take her for an extra long walk afterwards!!

Thanks so much for everything

Diana Coleman

I first started ZUMBA® in Oct. 2009 and loved it right away.

For a long time I only managed to go once a week. Since July 2010, I have been going twice a week and my legs and core are noticeably toner.

Not only that, but ZUMBA® has built up my cardio endurance so much that for the first time in my adult life I have been able to run 5 km!!

ZUMBA® gives me an amazing workout without feeling like a workout! And Julieta's magnetism and enthusiasm and the fantastic music go a long way in contributing to the fun atmosphere!

I really do love ZUMBA®!!!

Cathrine Baldazzi

Back on July 2009 there was an ad in our local paper, Oakville Beaver for Zumba at the Glen Abbey Church with Julieta Tabares.

I was not one to join something on my own, but I felt that I needed to go and try this free class. WOW - I was hooked.

There was so much energy between the instructors, the music and the people. That first hour passed so fast that I could not wait to come back.

I have now been Zumba Dancing 1 year and have turned fat into muscle and improved on the dance steps.

I have shared Zumba with everyone I meet and tell them to come to our class or find one close to their home.

This is the best fitness class that anyone can do and will love to come back over and over.

It is suited for all ages and all body types - you simply move to your own ability while enjoying the music, the camaraderie between the family of dancers as well as improve your personal fitness.

Zumba has not only brought me a new form of fitness and fun, but everyone you dance with feels like family.

It is an Addictive Form of Fitness and a great way to stay in shape.

Thank you to Julieta for bringing it to Oakville and Canada.

Zumba Party here we come!!!!!

Joanne Roberts

I am not very good with writing essays, especially in English, but with Zumba, I don’t know why, it’s different! Thoughts just come out, one after the other, and I can barely keep up with them.

I started my Zumba classes two years ago, in the ballet room, the one with the big mirrors up front, and, to tell you the truth, I was even scared to look in the mirror, that’s how bad I was moving.

I was like a log!

I was so impressed by the way Julieta was dancing, that after the first few classes, I told her:

“Julieta, I wish I could dance like you!”

And she laughed, giving me the look, kind of: patience, my girl, and practice.

And that’s what I did! I kept going to the classes, improving each time, learning more and more, trying to listen to the music, to my body, trying to coordinate hands and legs and now I can say I am pretty happy with the way I dance and move.

I love Zumba! I love the music, I love the dancing, the workout.

By the end of the class, I look like I came out of the washing machine (the one without the spinning cycle though ha ha), and I didn’t even feel it! It’s so much fun…and the one hour goes soo fast.

If I’m depressed I go to Zumba and my spirit goes up high.

If I’m tired I go to Zumba and I feel invigorated again.

Zumba puts a big smile on my face!!

All my friends compliment me, about the way I look, and I “blame” it all to Zumba.

Thanks a lot Julieta for teaching such wonderful classes and by keeping us all together, like a big, happy, Zumba family.

Let’s Zumba!!

Dana Roncea

"I have a great time! Everyone around me is smiling and having a great time. We are a community because we all share a common love.

I love how I feel after Zumba. I feel strong, and energized. I wish I hadn't waited so long to get fit. I have muscles I didn't think I'd ever see again. I feel like I can keep up with my 3 sons and their activities because I have a new level of fitness that keeps me going.

I don't know what other instructors are like but, I appreciate your class because you are gentle, humble and genuine and you are clearly passionate about Zumba and your passion and enthusiasm are contagious.

Thanks Julieta for teaching with passion and excitement!"

Nadine Gomes

ZUMBA has changed my life, it has encouraged me to lose weight and get fit. April of 2009 I attended my first ZUMBA class and fell in love with the music, the dance/exercise moves and best of all the Instructor, who I will say is the best ever, thank you Julieta.

From the time I started I have lost over 80 lbs and A LOT of inches, I have never looked back and continue to love this form of getting fit. I look forward to all the classes and would do more if I could.

When you have a great instructor and you are Julieta, you make the classes fun, you make us sweat and feel good after you have worked out like you have never before, this motivates me to work harder and strive for much more because I know I can.

I work hard and have fun at the same time, that just doesn't seem right but, it is and I LOVE ZUMBA.

I may not like to get up on stage but, I love it and will not give up ZUMBA for anything or anybody.

Thank you Julieta

Love Daniela Rebellato

15 year ago I lost 25 lbs and have had three children since then. I've been able to keep those pounds off, however, when I began working in the weight management industry I realized that activity was not a part of my life.

I spoke to people about the benefits of physical activity, yet knew none of them personally myself.

I have not been an active person - growing up, I played soccer, baseball, I swam, however, nothing in my adulthood appealed to me.

I love to dance with my Portuguese husband, however, the family weddings we once enjoyed are now mostly netting baby showers and so the dancing is less frequent. Then came Zumba.

At this time, I was watching my mother slowly die of lung disease and her sister die of breast cancer. Would they have had a better chance, would they have been strong enough to fight if they had been physically active? Maybe.

They are both gone now. I don't know what lays ahead for me, whether I will be challenged with illnesses or not. I do know that my lifestyle will reflect health and balance and won't be a contributing factor to any illness or disease that may come my way.

I'll do what I can do to be strong. I can now tell people honestly about the benefits of physical activity. I talk about Zumba weekly. I tell them they must find something that they love to do and doing it will be easy.

I love my Zumba and I love what it does for my body and mind.

Thank you for the fun Julieta!

Nadine Gomes

I love Zumba. I look forward to every class, it's my therapy. It's the type of exercise I want to do.

A great stress reliever not to mention it's a lot of fun and Julieta makes it fun, too. She's the best instructor ever (Zumba or otherwise).

The Latin beats will drive you and Julieta will motivate and inspire you to get moving!

"She works us and it feels great."

I always leave the class feeling confident, energized, and a bit sassy!

Thank you Julieta for great time and good Zumba workout every time.


As a practicing physiotherapist for the past 30 years, I have never enjoyed an exercise class as much as the Zumba class lead by Julieta Tabares.

This 100lb. dynamo leads an action packed class of all ages, ranging from teens to seniors, and is able to modify the steps to suit everyone.

You find yourself progressing easily, and the comraderie in the group, along with Julieta's smiling no stress attitude, makes you want to come back for more.

You will leave the class tired but energized and looking forward to repeating the experience. As a bonus you will also find yourself speaking and singing in Spanish, regardless of your background.

This class is alot of fun. (Esto es muy divertido!!!)

Muchas gracias Julieta,

Carol Korol

Julieta, I want to thank you for your amazing ZUMBA classes!!

Your exhilarating and fun classes brought me to life again.

Being at home with my 2 small children has its share of challenges, but going to ZUMBA class at night takes all the stress away.

I now have a bounce in my step and added energy to play with my children.

The music and dances are fun and catchy and really easy to follow!

I had no idea that I could move and dance the way I can now after your classes!

I always find myself humming the tunes and anxiously waiting for the next class, in fact I wish I had time to attend every day!

It's so fun that I hardly feel like I'm working out as much as I actually am!

After starting your classes I began to eat healthy and take better care of myself and have lost 20 lbs so far since beginning ZUMBA!

I have many friends who have now tried ZUMBA because of my great experience and they always tell me how much they love it and thank me for telling them about it!

Thanks Julieta for bringing your tremendous teaching talents and fun spirit to ZUMBA and to my life!

I truly appreciate it and you!

Christine Heit

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